A Guide to Finding and Purchasing the Home of Your Dreams

Are you on the hunt for the perfect new home? Perhaps you’re currently a homeowner but looking to make your next move – down the street, to a new neighborhood, or maybe to a new area entirely. Maybe you’re looking to upgrade or downsize. Perhaps it’s your very first time purchasing a home. In any of these cases, at Gay Real Estate, we know that purchasing a home is an important milestone. As anyone who has owned their own home knows, the perfect home is, most importantly, a place to make and share memories with those you love, in a place that is yours. Moreover, home ownership lends itself to security and fulfillment, both personally and financially. Financially, buying a home is a savvy decision because you’re gradually building equity that you can use for a variety of purposes down the road. This is not to mention the federal tax deductions for home ownership, as well as the historic increase in the value of most homes at a rate of approximately 3% to 5% annually.

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