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Read my Google 5-Star Reviews
January 2019

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“In this day of age of online purchasing, online dating and online pretty much everything I feel life is getting kind of impersonal. Our experience with Randy Stopher of WestUSA Realty was the exact opposite. We decided to move from Phoenix last year from Boston. The weather, the lower cost of living and the incredible desert beauty made the decision bullet proof. We flew to Phoenix for a job interview and decided to look up a realtor and Randy was the first name we saw. He took us around to look at rentals the first day but we knew we were coming her to stay. We asked him to take us to look at houses to buy the next day and he gladly complied. We went back to Boston very impressed and started the process of the move West. We decided top buy a house site unseen as we could not afford to fly back and forth during this transitional time. Randy happily walked through houses and Facetimed them with us. He knew what neighborhoods were good and what to look for in a house. Things us New Englanders would have never thought of like which way our back yard faced to avoid the blistering afternoon summer sun. We picked a house we loved and bought it. Randy was helpful throughout. Even when our house was empty for the month between the prior owner’s and our occupancy, Randy drove by the house. He noticed our front lawn was overgrowing and helped us call in a landscaper to avoid an HOA disciplinary letter. He met us at the house the day we arrived and we have been friends since. We can’t recommend a realtor more than Randy.”

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